Web Hosting: 16 important tips to choose the best Web hosting

Web hosting

Web Hosting: 16 important tips to choose the best Web hosting

Hosting is a very important and compulsory material if you are planning to create a website for your business. In a modern era, your brand becomes incomplete without a website. Having a good quality website is a great thing. Now here a good quality website means a website that will represent your brand worldwide and users will get the best experiences.

Now, there are many hosting service providers around us but not all hosting service providers are able to serve you the best. So when you plan to buy hosting for your website, you have to be careful. Today here you will know 16 important and amazing tips that will help you to choose the best hosting for your dream website.

But before that let’s discuss why we need hosting if we want to launch a website? What is web hosting? Is hosting really necessary?

Basically, hosting is a clound storage where your web content will be stored. For example, we can talk about computer hard disks. Computer hard disks are one kind of storage where we put our necessary files, games, music, pictures and many other things. So, hosting is web storage where your website contents will be stored.

One can not launch their website without hosting because there will be nothing available to store important web files, plugins, and contents. So, hosting is necessary to launch a website.

Best thing always provides the best result. Best hosting will bring massive benefits for your business. Your website will be responsive. It will load faster to the visitors. People will love to use your website and you rarely lose your targeted visitors.

Tips you should know before purchasing any hosting service:

Nowadays, there are many hosting service providers around us but all are they great? Of course no. They may try to attract normal customers via fascinating advertisements. As a result, ordinary customers who don’t have much idea about hosting service and quality may face many problems in the future. Here are some tips that will help you to identify and choose the best one for your dream website.

1. Hosting Speed

In the modern era of competition, speed plays an important role to achieve the targeted success. So, speed really matters. Speed becomes more necessary when you run a business website or blog website. Just imagine yourself as a normal visitor, will you love to visit a slow-loading website that is consuming your valuable time? Of course no. Not only you but also other people will not show any interest in visiting a slow-loading website.

This ruins your website’s user experience. Sometimes you do proper SEO for your website but still don’t rank on search engines. Website speed is also responsible for this. So, before you plan to use any hosting for your website, make sure that hosting service providers are able to serve the best speed.

2.Try to use Nvme based Hosting

We know, there are 2 kinds of storage. One is a traditional mechanical hard drive and the other is SSD web hosting but do you know there are also two variants of SSD? One is a normal SATA SSD and the other one is Nvme SSD. Normal SSD is quite faster than a traditional hard drive but Nvme SSD is faster than a normal SATA SSD. For the best performance, try to use Nvme based  web hosting. It  may be a little bit expensive but it will give your users the best experiences and give you ultimate satisfaction. Also, this will help you to rank on search engines and get much traffic.

3.Best Customer support

Best customer support is always a key feature to identify a good  service provider. Before you go with any company about hosting service, be sure about their customer support. Find some useful information, analyze other customer reviews. These thighs will help you to decide and find out a good and perfect web hosting for you.

4.Hosting uptime guarantee

This is also an important factor for the growth of your business. When your business starts growing on the internet, people will come to your website from many countries, from many places. So, you need to keep the website available 24/7 for your visitors. That’s why it is mandatory to select a hosting that is capable of keeping your website active or available with very little downtime.


You should go for that company which can provide some useful features to their customers. For example, jet backup, Litespeed cache, etc. You should ask them about their key features and analyze those that are useful for you. You can visit their site/page or directly chat/talk with them to know about their basic and special features. You should avoid those companies which are unable to provide useful features.


Security is a big factor and no one can deny it. In a modern tech-based world, it is a very natural and possible matter to get attacked by malware, virus, and hackers. Hackers basically use some harmful programs and key loggers to find out your website personal details. Web Hosting service with the best security can easily keep your website safe from unknown attackers. You must make sure about the safety of hosting. Don’t choose a hosting service that can’t provide the best security.

7. Hosting size

Remember, bigger isn’t always better. There are many hosting service providers who advertise unlimited space at a cheap price. As a result, people don’t get the best services.  Don’t run over for unlimited space, If you are a beginner and interested, launch your dream website and start your journey, you don’t need huge storage but you need proper web hosting.

8. Pricing of hosting

Pricing of hosting is a critical condition. You may find many price ranges with different services. Before you go looking for the cheapest one with many features, you should evaluate your budget. Once you confirm your budget, it will be easy for you to evaluate companies and get the best one.

9. Easy payment method

Every companies should use an easy payment method so that customers can easily complete their payments or can upgrade packages easily.

10. Less renewal cost

Some companies charge a lot of money by the name of renewal cost. This is not what should happen. A huge renewal price hike is not acceptable. You should avoid those hosting who charge a lot of money during renewal time.

11. Cpanel hosting

the control panel is an interface that allows users to manage host servers and services. Cpanel is the most popular control panel in this web industry. Most people use Cpanel because it is easy. Though there are many other control panels to use. Still, Cpanel is being widely used by website owners. Cpanel is the best control panel for beginners and experts as well.

12. User-friendly interface

This is also an important factor. As mentioned above, you will find many other control panels as an alternative to Cpanel. Cpanel is widely popular and most used because of its user-friendly interface. You may need to change some settings of your control panel according to demand, you will be able to do that easily if you have and user-friendly and easy-to-manage control panels. So before you buy any packages, make sure about it.

13. Free SSL

SSL means Secure Sockets Layer. It is a digital certificate that verifies the identity of a website and encrypts information. This digital certificate also enables websites to move from HTTP to HTTPS, which confirms more security and safety. An SSL certificate is also a mandatory and important material for any kind of business website. Even search engines also prefer  F

HTTPS enabled websites and rank them. Many companies provide free SSL certificates. Yes, you heard right, you don’t need to pay extra money for this valuable and important digital certificate.

14. Easy site migration and transfer

You want to change your hosting, you want to change your server location, or whatever you want to do. You need to migrate your site for that. Good and reliable companies will help you to migrate your website for free. Some evil companies may charge huge sums for this. Just avoid them.

15. Data center location

Data-center is known as a server where your all website data will be preserved. Most of the top-rated companies provide The US, The UK, and Canada-based data center locations. This also impacts search engine optimization and targeted visitors.

16. Site backup

Site backup is a very important tool for your website protection. It will just add an extra tier to your site’s safety. It will help you to recover your website after a security incident also it will help your site from hackers.

Currently, which web hosting you can go with

Super Sonic Drive Web hosting (SSD Web Hosting) offers many features to their customers at affordable prices. Super Sonic doesn’t compromise service quality.

Why Choose Super Sonic web hosting

  • Superfast Nvme SSD-based web-server (not normal SSD. Nvme SSD is faster than normal SSD).
  • Best speed. You will get the best speed for your business and visitors.
  • No renewal price hike. You will just pay the exact price for what you want. No extra cost for renewal. Minimum pay but maximum fun.
  • Provide best and optimized Cpanel. You can manage your website easily.
  • Free SSL, You don’t need to pay for this valuable digital certificate.
  • Easy site migration. Migrate your website where you wish to.
  • Unlimited bandwidth. Transfer unlimited data to your targeted customers. Don’t worry about limits.
  • Super Sonic Drive provides a Litespeed cache. Make your website super responsive and give your user the best experience.
  • Super Sonic Drive also provides the best safety for your website. They provide ModSecurity, Immunify 360 antivirus, Cloudflare railgun for free. Time to get rid of web security tension because Super Sonic Drive will maintain your website security.
  • Most of the hosting companies provide site backup features on their managed WordPress packages. You will not get this feature in normal packages. Super Sonic Drive is different in this case, they provide site backup for any kind of packages (doesn’t matter if you want to host an E-Commerce website, Blog, or business) you will get site backup for free.
  • Superfast customer support with amazing communication.


Super Sonic Drive provides a customer a lot of features and benefits which are rarely seen in other company services. As a customer, you will get many premium features for free. So, what are you waiting for? Grab your favorite package from Super Sonic, build your website and start growing.

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