6 Important Facts About SSD Web Hosting That Will Blow Your Mind

SSD Web Hosting

6 Important Facts About SSD Web Hosting That Will Blow Your Mind

SSD web hosting can give you all the speed that you need because these days are speed matters. It matters to Google, it matters to your visitors and it matters to your business.

You want a fast website so that you can get more traffic. You run a blog site or e-commerce site and you want to give the best experience to your visitors. 

You want to reduce your website’s loading time so that your visitors don’t need to spend so much time and they can get what they are looking for. Yes, who doesn’t? Every site owner wants that. 

What is SSD Web hosting:

Before you buy any hosting for your website you must know what is SSD Web Hosting. Hosting is a place where your site files will be stored. It’s like storage where you can keep your site data and manage them. 

SSD means Solid State Drive which is a new generation or upgraded version of traditional storage with more speed and improvement. So, SSD Web Hosting means running your website/server on a solid-state drive.

Why you should go for SSD Web Hosting:

SSD has no moving parts like a traditional hard drive. SSD contain memory chips. Normally, SSD has more lifespan than HDD and it also has higher data read and write speed than hard disk. So, it makes sense to use  SSD Web Hosting for your website. There are many reasons for you should go with SSD Web Hosting but here are top some reasons:

1. High Performance

A solid-state drive or SSD based web hosting can provide you best of the best performance as compared to a normal traditional hard disk drive (HDD). An SSD can read and write data at a speed of 500MB/s and 550MB/s but on the other hand, an ordinary hard disk can read and write data at a speed of 100MB/s and 150MB/s. It’s amazing, right? Yeah, no doubt. So, the website owner who uses solid-state drive as their web storage can get much better performance. 

2.Faster loading speed

Website loading speed also matters for your business, matters for your customers/visitors, matters for Google and matters for SEO ranking. 

According to data shared by Small SEO Tools and Strangeloop, a one-second delay in page load time will drop your conversion rate by 7%. 

That means if your website drives $100K per day sales, you could lose $2.5 million per year in lost conversions. That’s insane. So, website loading speed really matters and no one  can deny it.

3.Best user experience

A solid-state drive or SSD based web hosting can provide you and your users the best experience. You can manage your site content’s faster than normal hosting. 

Your customers/visitors don’t need to wait for a long time and they can enjoy your contents/products/services or whatever you provide them. A good SSD Web Hosting can help to increase your user engagements and conversation rates which will be ultimately profitable for your business. 

If your website can provide the best user experience than gradually it will increase your CTR (Click Through Rate), help you to grow more and gain more sales.

4.Low power consumption

The solid-state drive takes 80% less power than a traditional hard disk to run. That means SSD use only 20% power of the power that need a hard disk drive to run. 

This is a huge power saving. This is also great for the environment. So, if you really care about the environment than you can use SSD as your web hosting storage. 

5.Better data security

Because traditional hard disk drive relies on the physical spin, there are massive changes to crash sometimes and lose all data. Why can be harmful to your business and for your customers as well. 

While an effective backup strategy still there are many risks to web security and data privacy. SSD has more and more life span than hard disk and it also can read and write data much faster than an ordinary traditional mechanical hard drive.

If, you want to stay worried free and chill about your business website than SSD web hosting is highly recommended for you. Because SSD provides better data security than HDD.

6.Lower bounce rate, high ranking possibility

SSD can perform 300% faster than an ordinary normal hard drive. By using SSD as web hosting for your website can improve your site performance and reduce bounce rate. Normal hard disk web hosting takes much time to load which consumes so much time. 

No one loves time killer because time is money after all. If your website takes much time to load, people will leave your site and your website’s bounce rate will be increased which gives a negative signal to Google. 

Your existing customers will hardly return your website and Google will de-rank your website.

So, it’s very important to use good hosting for the website and SSD Web Hosting will be the smart choice.

Buying the best SSD web hosting for your website

After knowing the attractive and killer features of SSD Web hosting, you may be thinking that from where you should buy SSD web hosting for your website. Don’t worry, I also have solutions for you. 

If you want reliable, ultra-fast and secure SSD web hosting with affordable price and 99.9% server uptime, then you can check SSD Web Hosting. They provide ultra-fast SSD based web hosting at an affordable price.

Features of SSD Web Hosting

  • Lite speed optimised server you will get for your website. Their server runs on Litespeed, extremely fast. Your website will load 3 times faster than many other web servers. So that your website visitors can get the best user experiences and increase conversation rates.
  • SSD Web Hosting provides you easy to use and user-friendly control panel with the popular application such as Softaculous, Free SSL installers, PHP Selectors, PHP Extension Modifiers e.t.c. You don’t need to take hessel to manage your site contents and control websites. 
  • SSD Web hosting doesn’t change their renewal prices. So you will not face any renewal price hikes like other web hosting company. 
  • SSD Web Hosting always optimised their servers with the latest and updated software and only hosted within the best datacenters. So, you will get 99.9% uptime guaranteed server.
  • They also provide 3 days trial with 24/7 availability for your better experience and satisfaction. Now let’s be honest, you have rarely seen web hosting companies to provide trial to test their services but SSD Web Hosting provides you this rare feature so that you can decide easily and continue.


You will get benefits if you use SSD as your web hosting. SSD based web hosting will reduce your website’s loading speed, provide your users the best experience, and also will help to rank on Google.

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